Working out the Bugs | kz750

Well as in every build there is going to be shit that happens. So I got a little over confident and decided to let gas sit in the tank overnight (which it should be able to do). Well the petcock had a small internal leak.  Adding to that the #2 carb float was sticking or set to high.

So I wake up around 4a.m to the smell of gas!! Shit!! I go into the garage and sure enough there was gas all over the table and the left side of the motor. So I had some clean up to do. I started to disassemble, to stop the leak. I needed to get the tank off of there.  To add insult to injury, while taking the seat off I chipped the paint on the gas tank!!

Oh well, it happens! I better get to fixing!!

Final Assembly | kz750

I am at the end stages here!! I’m sure a few bugs will show their ugly little heads, but I’ll just deal with that when it happens. Stoked on everything so far though!!!

Starting Final Assembly | kz750

I started the final assembly today!! So far I have a good rolling chassis. I even stabbed the motor today. Little by little I’m getting there.

Moving Along | kz750 Paint

Here is a little update on the paint situation. I was waiting on a paint gun to come in, and when it did I hit the ground running!! I love the way it’s coming along! Time for final assembly and finishing.


time for paint



Well the time has come!!!!

I broke her down and I’m starting to prep for paint. Theres a lot of work ahead, but the end is in site!! I can’t wait to go for a ride!!