1963 BSA | Headlight Bracket

Well I made a simple headlight bracket for the BSA. Remember the front end is now a Harley Davidson sportster set up. I started out with 1 1/2″ tube for the fork sleeves, and 1/2″ tube for the clamping point. I weld the 1/2″ tube perpendicular to the 1 1/2″ in position about half way up.

Then it was on to the struts. I used 1/2″ solid stock. I heated them up an bent them following a rough template I had made. At the apex of the bend I drilled a hole for the mounting point of the headlight. Then I mounted the struts to the headlight and held it in place on the forks. A couple of tack welds held them in place. Then I took them off the forks for final welding.

The bracket lends itself to the overall look of the bike. The original brackets were generic “flat strap” chrome universal things.