1963 BSA | Fender Mounting

Custom mounting of a Wassell style rear fender and making a custom fender strut. I found this Fender on the TC Bros web site. Joe, the owner of the bike, like it so I needed to get it mounted. The original fender was a flat fender which didn’t look bad but the ribbed fender really matches the BSA gas tank. Also the Wassell style fender is not as wide as the flat fender was, so it contours the tire better for a tighter cleaner look. Making the front mounting tabs I matched the ribbing of the fender. I backed the fender with tabs that I drilled and tapped for easy removal and installation of the fender. I made a strut for the back portion of the fender. I bent, drilled, and tapped flat strap to mount to the fender. Then I used 3/16″ solid round stock to join the fender to the frame of the bike. I bent tabs around the stock for a clean simple look.


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