1963 BSA | Oil Tank Mount

This is the oil tank that came in on the bike. Its pretty cool. There was no real reason to change to mounting position. However it was only secured at the rear of the tank, and the front was just resting on the crossmember thats in front of it even though the tank has a mounting point for the front. Also the front of the tank was rubbing on the frame. So I set out to get it done proper.

I cut out the old rear mounts, I needed more room to slide the tank back to get it away from the frame. I also cut out a notch in the frame, for the front mount of the oil tank to secure to. Using a 1″ solid stock for the front mount, I drilled it out for the hardware to pass through. Using “L” brackets for the rear mounts, I notch them slightly to accommodate for the width of the frame. I tapped the oil tank rear mounts so I could bolt the “L” brackets to.

With all the brackets bolted to the tank I placed the in position. I held the tank in place with a bottle jack. This allowed me to still maneuver the tank in to place while freeing my hands to weld. Once the tank looked good and was in place I burned it in. Now the tank is mounted properly in the front and rear, and is no longer rubbing on the frame.

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