’58 Harley Davidson | hinge seat pan

Well, every bike needs a seat! This is how I make mine. I made a hinge seat that way I’ll have easy access to the oil tank at all times.

’78 KZ650 | engine case repair


I bought the KZ650 years ago. I knew I would eventually have to fix or replace the engine cases, and of course the cracks were right on the threads which made the repair a little tricky. Well the time had finally come. I was in the middle of rebuilding the motor so I figured, why not now. I bolted the cases together, and removed the JB weld that was previously there. I then preheated the weld area with a propane torch. This was my first real test when it came to welding aluminum, so I was a bit nervous. The beads went in smooth with no real issues. I then ground down the welds and re-tapped the threads for the points cover bolts. I was more than pleased with the results!!



cracked points cover | repair

Well shit happens and bikes end up on their side. Luckily it was an easy fix, and you wouldn’t even know it was cracked.

KZ650 | front fender redesign

So I wanted a fender that only mounted on one side of the fork. The original design I came up with seemed good enough, after all there’s not much of a fender. While off loading the bike one day I heard the fender make a “tin can” sound. Needless to say that drove me nuts. So back to the drawing board I went. I made the front of the mount more robust. I knew I also needed to stabilize the rear of the fender. I made a detachable strut that wraps around the fork and mounts to the rear of the fender. I decided to wrap the strut in fiber glass to save weight. The fender ┬ánow has the rigidity it needs to keep things quiet.


stunt tank | 636 flat top

This is a 05-06 Kawasaki 636 tank I had hanging around the shop. I bought the bike for parts. I used the majority of the parts on a KZ650 build. The 636 tank was not going to be used, so I figured mod it out and sell it.